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García-García, Carmen J
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
1Oct-2016Influence of Biochemical and Anthropometric Factors on the Presence of Insulin Resistance in AdolescentsGonzález-Jiménez, Emilio ; Schmidt-RioValle, Jacqueline ; Montero-Alonso, Miguel A ; Padez, Cristina ; García-García, Carmen J ; Perona, Javier S articleopenAccess
22014Metabolic syndrome in Spanish adolescents and its association with birth weight, breastfeeding duration, maternal smoking, and maternal obesity: a cross-sectional studyGonzález-Jiménez, Emilio ; Montero-Alonso, Miguel A. ; Schmidt-RioValle, Jacqueline ; García-García, Carmen J. ; Padez, Cristina articleopenAccess