Lopes, Marta A. R.

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Lopes, Marta A. R.
Lopes, Marta A.R.
Lopes, M.
Lopes, Marta
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Marta Lopes, PhD in Sustainable Energy Systems, is a Professor with the Polytechnic of Coimbra and a researcher with the Institute for Systems Engineering and Computers at Coimbra (INESC Coimbra), Portugal. Her research interests are focused on sustainable energy systems, particularly by integrating engineering and social sciences into multidisciplinary approaches. She currently co-supervises PhD projects exploiting the behavioural dimensions on energy communities, electric vehicles charging and energy optimisation in water distribution systems. She has secured more than 1M€ investment in energy efficiency projects. She is a member of the PERSON network and has served as expert evaluator for the European Commission.
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12021Assessing the Influence of Different Goals in Energy Communities’ Self-Sufficiency—An Optimized Multiagent ApproachReis, Inês F. G. ; Gonçalves, Ivo ; Lopes, Marta A. R. ; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler articleopenAccess
22023Assessing the societal impact of smart grids: Outcomes of a collaborative research projectFerreira, Paula; Rocha, Ana; Araujo, Madalena; Afonso, Joao L.; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Lopes, Marta A.R. ; Osório, Gerardo J.; Catalão, João P.S.; Lopes, João PeçasarticleopenAccess
315-Jan-2016Energy behaviours as promoters of energy efficiency: An integrative modelling approachLopes, Marta Alexandra dos Reis doctoralThesisopenAccess
4Sep-2017A review on current advances in the energy and environmental performance of buildings towards a more sustainable built environmentSoares, N. ; Bastos, J. ; Pereira, L. Dias ; Soares, A. ; Amaral, A. R. ; Asadi, E. ; Rodrigues, E. ; Lamas, F. B. ; Monteiro, H. ; Lopes, M. A. R. ; Gaspa, A. R. articleopenAccess
52016The potential of energy behaviours in a smart(er) grid: Policy implications from a Portuguese exploratory studyLopes, Marta A.R. ; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Janda, Kathryn B. ; Peixoto, Paulo ; Martins, Nelson articleopenAccess