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Rocha, F. T.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12020Exploring the potential of cuttlebone waste to produce building limeFerraz, E.; Gamelas, José A. F. ; Coroado, J. ; Monteiro, C. M. B. ; Rocha, F. T. articleopenAccess
22010Geochemical background of stream sediments of Santiago island, Cape VerdePinto, M. C. ; Silva, E. A. ; Silva, M. M. ; Rocha, F. T. ; Cunha, Pedro Proença ; Dinis, P. A. conferenceObjectopenAccess
32012Relationships between magnetic parameters, chemical composition and clay minerals of topsoils near Coimbra, central PortugalLourenço, A. M. ; Rocha, F. T. ; Gomes, C. R. articleopenAccess
42023Silurian black shales from Sousel-Barrancos Metallogenic Belt (Ossa-Morena Zone, Portugal): Characterization and interplay to Cu depositsLaranjeira, V.; Ribeiro, J. ; Moreira, N.; Nogueira, P. ; Mendonça Filho, J. G. ; Rocha, F. T. ; Flores, D. articleopenAccess
52003Tectonostratigraphy of Middle and Upper Palaeozoic black shales from the Porto-Tomar-Ferreira do Alentejo shear zone (W Portugal): new perspectives on the Iberian MassifChaminé, H. I. ; Pereira, L. C. Gama ; Fonseca, P. E. ; Moço, L. P. ; Fernandes, J. P. ; Rocha, F. T. ; Flores, D. ; Jesus, A. Pinto de ; Gomes, C. ; Andrade, A. A. Soares de ; Araújo, A. articleopenAccess