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Silvestre, Samuel
Silvestre, Samuel M.
UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12007Allylic and benzylic oxidation reactions with sodium chloriteSilvestre, Samuel M. ; Salvador, Jorge A. R. articleopenAccess
22011Bismuth(III) Reagents in Steroid and Terpene ChemistrySalvador, Jorge A. R. ; Silvestre, Samuel M. ; Pinto, Rui M. A. articleopenAccess
32005Bismuth-catalyzed allylic oxidation using t-butyl hydroperoxideSalvador, Jorge A. R. ; Silvestre, Samuel M. articleopenAccess
42022C-Ring Oxidized Estrone Acetate Derivatives: Assessment of Antiproliferative Activities and Docking StudiesCanário, Catarina; Matias, Mariana ; Brito, Vanessa ; Pires, Patrícia ; Santos, Adriana O. ; Falcão, Amílcar ; Silvestre, Samuel ; Alves, Gilberto articleopenAccess
52018Considerations and Pitfalls in Selecting the Drug Vehicles for Evaluation of New Drug Candidates: Focus on in vivo Pharmaco-Toxicological Assays Based on the Rotarod Performance TestMatias, Mariana ; Silvestre, Samuel ; Falcão, Amílcar ; Alves, Gilberto articleopenAccess
62016Diosgenin: Recent Highlights on Pharmacology and Analytical MethodologyJesus, Mafalda; Martins, Ana P. J.; Gallardo, Eugenia ; Silvestre, Samuel articleopenAccess
72021Discovery of Small Molecules as Membrane-Bound Catechol-O-methyltransferase Inhibitors with Interest in Parkinson’s Disease: Pharmacophore Modeling, Molecular Docking and In Vitro Experimental Validation StudiesCruz-Vicente, Pedro; Gonçalves, Ana M.; Ferreira, Octávio; Queiroz, João A.; Silvestre, Samuel ; Passarinha, Luís A.; Gallardo, Eugenia articleopenAccess
817-Jan-2023Fighting Epilepsy with Nanomedicines-Is This the Right Weapon?Matias, Mariana; Santos, Adriana O.; Silvestre, Samuel ; Alves, Gilberto articleopenAccess
92020From Xanthine Oxidase Inhibition to In Vivo Hypouricemic Effect: An Integrated Overview of In Vitro and In Vivo Studies with Focus on Natural Molecules and AnaloguesSerrano, João L.; Figueiredo, Joana; Almeida, Paulo; Silvestre, Samuel articleopenAccess
102-Apr-2021Highlights on Steroidal Arylidene Derivatives as a Source of Pharmacologically Active Compounds: A ReviewBrito, Vanessa ; Alves, Gilberto ; Almeida, Paulo; Silvestre, Samuel articleopenAccess
1129-Jul-2021In Silico Approaches: A Way to Unveil Novel Therapeutic Drugs for Cervical Cancer ManagementGomes, Diana; Silvestre, Samuel ; Duarte, Ana Paula ; Venuti, Aldo; Soares, Christiane P.; Passarinha, Luís; Sousa, ÂngelaarticleopenAccess
124-Jul-2023Innovative Aqueous Nanoemulsion Prepared by Phase Inversion Emulsification with Exceptional HomogeneityPires, Patrícia C. ; Fernandes, Mariana; Nina, Francisca; Gama, Francisco; Gomes, Maria F; Rodrigues, Lina E; Meirinho, Sara; Silvestre, Samuel ; Alves, Gilberto ; Santos, Adriana O.articleopenAccess
132020Natural Products as a Source for New Leads in Gout TreatmentSilvestre, Samuel ; Almeida, Paulo J. S.; El-Shishtawy, RedaarticleopenAccess
144-May-2021New Estrone Oxime Derivatives: Synthesis, Cytotoxic Evaluation and Docking StudiesCanário, Catarina; Matias, Mariana; Brito, Vanessa ; Santos, Adriana O. ; Falcão, Amílcar ; Silvestre, Samuel ; Alves, Gilberto articleopenAccess
152-Aug-2023New Scaffolds of Proteasome Inhibitors: Boosting Anticancer Potential by Exploiting the Synergy of In Silico and In Vitro MethodologiesGuedes, Romina A. ; Grilo, Jorge H.; Carvalho, Andreia N.; Fernandes, Pedro M. P. ; Ressurreição, Ana S.; Brito, Vanessa ; Santos, Adriana O.; Silvestre, Samuel ; Gallerani, Eleonora; Gama, Maria João; Gavioli, Riccardo; Salvador, Jorge A. R. ; Guedes, Rita C.articleopenAccess
1617-May-2007Novos processos de oxidação ambientalmente aceitáveis usando esteróides como substratosSilvestre, Samuel Martins doctoralThesisopenAccess
1711-Oct-2018Preparation of new semi-synthetic steroidsGouveia, Mariana Amaral masterThesisembargoedAccess
1811-Apr-2021Recent Developments in New Therapeutic Agents against Alzheimer and Parkinson Diseases: In-Silico ApproachesCruz-Vicente, Pedro; Passarinha, Luís A.; Silvestre, Samuel Martins ; Gallardo, Eugenia articleopenAccess
197-Mar-2023Synthesis, In Vitro Biological Evaluation of Antiproliferative and Neuroprotective Effects and In Silico Studies of Novel 16E-Arylidene-5α,6α-epoxyepiandrosterone DerivativesBrito, Vanessa ; Marques, Mariana; Esteves, Marta ; Serra-Almeida, Catarina; Alves, Gilberto ; Almeida, Paulo; Bernardino, Liliana ; Silvestre, Samuel articleopenAccess
202019Synthesis, in vitro evaluation and QSAR modelling of potential antitumoral 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2-(1H)-thionesMatias, Mariana ; Campos, Gonçalo ; Santos, Adriana O. ; Falcão, Amílcar ; Silvestre, Samuel ; Alves, Gilberto articleopenAccess