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Perilli, Nicola
Perilli, N.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12007Calcareous nannofossil assemblages around the Pliensbachian/Toarcian boundary in the reference section of Peniche (Portugal).Oliveira, L. C. ; Perilli, N. ; Duarte, L. V. articleopenAccess
22007Calcareous nannofossils and palynomorphs from Pliensbachian-Toarcian boundary in the Lusitanian Basin, PortugalOliveira, L. C. ; Dino, R. ; Duarte, L. V. ; Perilli, N. articleopenAccess
32004Early Jurassic carbonate evolution in the Lusitanian Basin: facies, sequence stratigraphy and cyclicityDuarte, L. V. ; Wright, V.P. ; Fernandez-Lopez, S. ; Elmi, S. ; Krautter, M. ; Azerêdo, A.C. ; Henriques, M.H. ; Rodrigues, R. ; Perilli, N. conferenceObjectopenAccess
42005Estratigrafia química (COT, 13C, 18O) e nanofósseis calcários na passagem Pliensbaquiano-Toarciano no perfil de Peniche (Portugal). Resultados preliminares.Oliveira, L. C. ; Duarte, L. V. ; Perilli, N. ; Rodrigues, R. ; Lemos, V. B. articleclosedAccess
52004Lower to Middle Toarcian from the Coimbra region (Lusitanian Basin, Portugal): sequence stratigraphy, calcareous nannofossils and stable-isotope evolutionDuarte, Luís ; Perilli, Nicola ; Dino, Rodolfo ; Rodrigues, René ; Paredes, Ricardo articleopenAccess
62006Toarcian nannobiohorizons from the Lusitanian Basin (Portugal) and their calibration against ammonite zones.Perilli, N. ; Duarte, Luís V. articleopenAccess