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Bessa, Filipa
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12022Author Correction: Floating macrolitter leaked from Europe into the oceanGonzález-Fernández, Daniel; Cózar, Andrés; Hanke, Georg; Viejo, Josué; Morales-Caselles, Carmen; Bakiu, Rigers; Barceló, Damia ; Bessa, Filipa ; Bruge, Antoine; Cabrera, María; Castro-Jiménez, Javier; Constant, Mel; Crosti, Roberto; Galletti, Yuri; Kideys, Ahmet E.; Machitadze, Nino; Pereira de Brito, Joana; Pogojeva, Maria; Ratola, Nuno; Rigueira, Júlia; Rojo-Nieto, Elisa; Savenko, Oksana; Schöneich-Argent, Rosanna I.; Siedlewicz, Grzegorz; Suaria, Giuseppe; Tourgeli, MyrtoarticleopenAccess
228-Jan-2014Ecological status and functioning evaluation of sandy beach ecosystems: A macrobenthic community based approachBessa, Ana Filipa da Silva doctoralThesisopenAccess
32014Macrofaunal community abundance and diversity and talitrid orientation as potential indicators of ecological long-term effects of a sand-dune recovery interventionNourissona, Delphine Hélène ; Bessa, Filipa ; Scapini, Felicita ; Marques, João Carlos articleopenAccess
420-Sep-2021Microplastics and other anthropogenic particles in Antarctica: Using penguins as biological samplersFragão, Joana; Bessa, Filipa ; Otero, Vanessa; Barbosa, Andrés ; Sobral, Paula ; Waluda, Claire M.; Guímaro, Hugo R. ; Xavier, José C. articleembargoedAccess
52-Oct-2019Microplastics in gentoo penguins from the Antarctic regionBessa, Filipa ; Ratcliffe, Norman; Otero, Vanessa; Sobral, Paula ; Marques, João C. ; Waluda, Claire M.; Trathan, Phil N.; Xavier, José C. articleopenAccess
62021Microplastics in Marine and Estuarine Species From the Coast of PortugalPequeno, João; Antunes, Joana; Dhimmer, Viren; Bessa, Filipa ; Sobral, Paula articleopenAccess
718-Nov-2020Microplastics in Penguins from Antarctic PeninsulaFragão, Joana Rita CostamasterThesisembargoedAccess
82014Niche segregation amongst sympatric species at exposed sandy shores with contrasting wrack availabilities illustrated by stable isotopic analysisBessa, Filipa ; Baeta, Alexandra ; Marques, João Carlos articleopenAccess
915-Apr-2023Plastisphere assemblages differ from the surrounding bacterial communities in transitional coastal environmentsMarques, José Manuel; Ares, Aitana ; Costa, Joana ; Marques, M. P. M. ; de Carvalho, L. A. E. Batista ; Bessa, Filipa articleopenAccess
102020Quantifying Marine Macro Litter Abundance on a Sandy Beach Using Unmanned Aerial Systems and Object-Oriented Machine Learning MethodsGonçalves, Gil ; Andriolo, Umberto ; Gonçalves, Luísa ; Sobral, Paula ; Bessa, Filipa articleopenAccess
112014Temporal changes in macrofauna as response indicator to potential human pressures on sandy beachesBessa, Filipa ; Gonçalves, Sílvia C. ; Franco, João N. ; André, José N. ; Cunha, Pedro P. ; Marques, J. C. articleopenAccess