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Hines, James E.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12014Assessing the role of body mass and sex on apparent adult survival in polygynous passerines: a case study of cetti’s warblers in central PortugalMonticelli, David ; Araujo, Pedro M. ; Hines, James E. ; Tenreiro, Paulo Q. ; Silva, Luis P. ; Ramos, Jaime A. articleopenAccess
22016Roseate T ern breeding dispersal and fidelity: responses to two newly restored colony sitesSpendelow, Jeffrey A.; Monticelli, David ; Nichols, James D.; Hines, James E. ; Nisbet, Ian C. T.; Cormons, Grace; Hays, Helen; Hatch, Jeremy J.; Mostello, Carolyn S.articleopenAccess