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Costa, Telma
Costa, Telma Sofia Martins
Costa, T.
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UC Researcher
Telma Costa got her PhD degree in Chemistry at the University of Coimbra, in 2009. She worked in collaboration with Lund University, CICECO (University of Aveiro), and Instituto Superior Técnico (Lisbon). In 2009, she joined the Center for Polymers & Organic Solids, at University of California Santa Barbara, for 1 year, and returned to UC in 2010, as a post-doc fellow. She did several, EU funded, short visits to MAX National Research Laboratory for Nuclear Physics and Synchrotron Radiation (Sweden), and to Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (United Kingdom). In 2010/2012 she was Invited Assistant Professor at UC. Currently, she is a Junior Researcher at the University of Coimbra. Her scientific interests span water soluble conjugated polymers and oligomers, self-assembly in polymer-surfactant systems, excited-state processes and design of functional materials for optical sensors, solar cells, LED applications and redox-flow batteries.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
17-May-2009Association of a Hydrophobically Modified Polyelectrolyte and a Block Copolymer Followed by Fluorescence TechniquesCosta, Telma ; Schillén, Karin ; Miguel, Maria da G. ; Lindman, Björn ; Melo, J. Seixas de articleopenAccess
27-May-2009Complex Formation between a Fluorescently-Labeled Polyelectrolyte and a Triblock CopolymerCosta, Telma ; Melo, J. Seixas de ; Miguel, Maria da G. ; Lindman, Björn ; Schillén, Karin articleopenAccess
32008The effect of gamma-cyclodextrin addition in the self-assembly behavior of pyrene labeled poly(acrylic) acid with different chain sizesCosta, Telma ; Melo, J. S. Seixas de articleopenAccess
4Sep-2013Filmes e géis de polielectrólitos conjugados para aplicações em sensores e sistemas optoelectrónicosPragana, Joana Inês Marques masterThesisopenAccess
52007Fluorescence studies on the interaction between pyrene-labelled poly(acrylic acid) and cyclodextrinsMelo, J. Sérgio Seixas de ; Costa, Telma ; Oliveira, Noémia ; Schillén, Karin articleopenAccess
611-Aug-2023Highly Selective Fluorescent Sensors: Polyethylenimine Derivatives of Triphenylamine and Coumarin for GTP and ATP Interaction via Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging MicroscopyDelgado Pinar, Estefanía ; Medeiros, Matilde ; Costa, Telma ; Melo, J. Sérgio Seixas de articleopenAccess
7Sep-2016Interação de iões metálicos e 8-hidroxi- 5-sulfoxiquinolina com surfactantes e polieletrólitos conjugados em soluçãoBarata, Rui Pedro Rodrigues de Morais masterThesisopenAccess
82009A resonance Rayleigh scattering study of unlabeled and pyrene-labeled poly(acrylic acid) polymersCosta, Telma ; Seixas de Melo, J. articleopenAccess
93-Mar-2005Self-Assembly of a Hydrophobically Modified Naphthalene-Labeled Poly(acrylic acid) Polyelectrolyte in Water:Organic Solvent Mixtures Followed by Steady-State and Time-Resolved FluorescenceCosta, Telma ; Miguel, M. G. ; Lindman, Björn ; Schillén, Karin ; Lima, J. C. ; Melo, J. Seixas de articleopenAccess
1025-Apr-2023Solvent-Driven Self-Organization of Meso-Substituted Porphyrins: Morphological Analysis from Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging MicroscopyCosta, Telma ; Peixoto, Mariana ; Pineiro, Marta ; Melo, J. Sérgio Seixas de articleopenAccess