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Teixeira-Dias, J. J. C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12003Effect of Polymer Hydration on the Kinetic Release of Drugs: A Study of Ibuprofen and Ketoprofen in HPMC MatricesSalsa, T. ; Veiga, F. ; Teixeira-Dias, J. J. C. ; Pina, M. E. articleopenAccess
21990A molecular mechanics force field for conformational analysis of aliphatic acyclic aminesCarvalho, L A. E. Batista de ; Teixeira-Dias, J. J. C. ; Fausto, R. articleopenAccess
3May-1986A Molecular Mechanics Force Field for Conformational Analysis of Simple Acylchlorides, Carboxylic and EstersTeixeira-Dias, J.J.C. ; Fausto, Rui articleopenAccess
41989Raman spectroscopy and molecular mechanics inTeixeira-Dias, J.J.C. ; Fausto, R. articleopenAccess
51994Rotational Isomerism in CH3CH2-C(=S)SR (R = CH3, CH2CH3): A Combined VibrationalFausto, R. ; Martins, A. Gabriela ; Teixeira-Dias, J. J. C. ; Tonge, P. J. ; Carey, P. R. articleopenAccess
61989s-cis and s-trans Conformers of Formic, Thioformic andFausto, R. ; Carvalho, L. A. E. Batista de ; Teixeira-Dias, J. J. C. ; Ramos, M. N. articleopenAccess
71999Solvent effects on 2-methoxyethanol conformers: an ab initio DFT study using the SCI-PCModelGil, Francisco P. S. C. ; Teixeira-Dias, J. J. C. articleopenAccess
8Sep-1994Structures and Vibrational Spectra of CH,OCH,CH,OH : TheGil, Francisco P. S. C. ; Fausto, R. ; Costa, A. M. Amorim da ; Teixeira-Dias, J. J. C. articleopenAccess
91986The high energy s-trans conformers of CH3COOH and CH3COOCH3: a molecular mechanics and vibrational study of CH3COCl, CH3COOH and CH3COOCH3Fausto, R. ; Teixeira-Dias, J.J.C. articleopenAccess