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Perdigão, Marina S.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
127-Mar-2015Controlo de lâmpadas LED baseado num conversor de condensadores comutados com circuito ressonante variávelMartins, Marco André Cunha masterThesisopenAccess
22023Double-Coupling Resonant Network for Dynamic IPT Systems Used in EV Charging ApplicationsCosta, Valter S. ; Mendes, André M. S. ; Marques, Emanuel ; Perdigão, Marina S. articleopenAccess
32004Estudos sobre balastros electrónicosPerdigão, Marina Mendes Sargento Domingues masterThesisembargoedAccess
42021Model Predictive Control for Paralleled Uninterruptible Power Supplies with an Additional Inverter Leg for Load-Side Neutral ConnectionOliveira, Tiago ; Caseiro, Luís Miguel Antunes ; Mendes, André ; Cruz, Sérgio ; Perdigão, Marina articleopenAccess
52022Online Filter Parameters Estimation in a Double Conversion UPS System for Real-Time Model Predictive Control Performance OptimizationOliveira, Tiago J. L. ; Caseiro, Luis M. A. ; Mendes, Andre M. S. ; Cruz, Sérgio M. A. ; Perdigao, Marina S. articleopenAccess
61-Jun-2012Research and Development on New Control Techniques for Electronic Ballasts based on Magnetic RegulatorsPerdigão, Marina Mendes Sargento Domingues doctoralThesisopenAccess