Teixeira, João C.

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Teixeira, João C.
Teixeira, João Carlos Aguiar Macedo
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I am a population geneticist focusing on the evolution of humans and closely related species. I work across a wide range of topics at the forefront of modern human evolutionary genetics, including demographic inference, comparative genomics and natural selection, using modern and ancient DNA. Currently, my main research focus revolves around human evolution during the Pleistocene, in particular the admixture events between so-called modern and archaic humans after the out-of-Africa and before human colonisation of Sahul. I am also an expert on uncovering signatures of natural selection in the genome, in particular balancing selection, and continue to study how advantageous genetic diversity can be maintained for millions of years in natural populations.
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12022A 1000-year-old case of Klinefelter's syndrome diagnosed by integrating morphology, osteology, and geneticsRoca-Rada, Xavier; Tereso, Sofia ; Rohrlach, Adam B.; Brito, André; Williams, Matthew P.; Umbelino, Cláudia . ; Curate, Francisco T. ; Deveson, Ira W.; Souilmi, Yassine; Amorim, António ; Carvalho, Pedro C. ; Llamas, Bastien; Teixeira, João C. articleembargoedAccess
22008A hierarchical location model for public facility planningTeixeira, João C. ; Antunes, António P. articleopenAccess