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Neiva, A. M. R.
Neiva, Ana Margarida
Neiva, A. M. R.
Former Researcher UC
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
129-Aug-2008Antimony quartz and antimony-gold quartz veins from northern PortugalNeiva, A. M. R. ; András, P. ; Ramos, J. M. F. articleopenAccess
22000Contaminação em metais da zona a norte de PombalPinto, João Manuel masterThesisopenAccess
3Jan-2014Contaminated water, stream sediments and soils close to the abandoned Pinhal do Souto uranium mine, central PortugalNeiva, A. M. R. ; Carvalho, P. C. S. ; Antunes, I. M. H. R. ; Silva, M. M. V. G. ; Santos, A. C. T. ; Pinto, M. M. S. Cabral ; Cunha, P. P. articleopenAccess
42008Erratum to "Geochemistry of cassiterite and wolframite from tin and tungsten quartz veins in Portugal" [Ore Geology Reviews 33 (2008) 221-238]Neiva, A. M. R. articleopenAccess
530-Apr-2009Geochemical and isotopic constraints on the petrogenesis of Early Ordovician granodiorite and Variscan two-mica granites from the Gouveia area, central PortugalNeiva, A. M. R. ; Williams, I. S. ; Ramos, J. M. F. ; Gomes, M. E. P. ; Silva, M. M. V. G. ; Antunes, I. M. H. R. articleopenAccess
62008Geochemistry of cassiterite and wolframite from tin and tungsten quartz veins in PortugalNeiva, A. M. R. articleopenAccess
72002Geochemistry of Coexisting Biotite and Muscovite of Portuguese Peraluminous Granitic Differentiation SeriesNeiva, A. M. R. ; Silva, M. M. V. G. ; Gomes, M. E. P. ; Campos, T. F. C. articleopenAccess
82000Geochemistry of enclaves and host granites from the Nelas area, central PortugalSilva, M. M. V. G. ; Neiva, A. M. R. ; Whitehouse, M. J. articleopenAccess
92008Geochemistry of S-type granitic rocks from the reversely zoned Castelo Branco pluton (central Portugal)Antunes, I. M. H. R. ; Neiva, A. M. R. ; Silva, M. M. V. G. ; Corfu, F. articleopenAccess
102002Geochemistry of the Rio Espinharas hybrid complex, northeastern BrazilCampos, T. F. C. ; Neiva, A. M. R. ; Nardi, L. V. S. articleopenAccess
112010Geoquímica das turmalinas do grupo pegmatítico granítico Li-Cs-Ta de Naípa, Alto Ligonha, MoçambiqueNeiva, A. M. R. ; Gomes, C. A. A. Leal conferenceObjectopenAccess
122007Interplay between geochemistry and magma dynamics during magma interaction: An example from the Sithonia Plutonic Complex (NE Greece)Christofides, G. ; Perugini, D. ; Koroneos, A. ; Soldatos, T. ; Poli, G. ; Eleftheriadis, G. ; Moro, A. Del ; Neiva, A. M. articleopenAccess
132010Isotopic geochronology of granitic rocks from the Central Iberian Zone: comparison of methodologiesAntunes, I. M. H. R. ; Neiva, A. M. R. ; Silva, M. M. V. G. articleopenAccess
1426-Nov-2013Magmatitos e metamorfitos de alto grau no contacto entre as zonas de Ossa Morena e Centro Ibérica: significado geodinâmicoHenriques, Susana doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
15Jan-2014Metallogenesis at the Carris W–Mo–Sn deposit (Gerês, Portugal): constraints from fluid inclusions, mineral geochemistry, Re–Os and He–Ar isotopesMoura, A. ; Dória, A. ; Neiva, A. M. R. ; Gomes, C. Leal ; Creaser, R. A. articleopenAccess
162002The mineralized veins and the impact of old mine workings on the environment at Segura, central PortugalAntunes, I. M. H. R. ; Neiva, A. M. R. ; Silva, M. M. V. G. articleopenAccess
1720-Dec-2006Mineralogia, Petrologia e Geoquímica de Rochas Granitóides da Área de Castlo Branco - Idanha-a-Nova.Antunes, Isabel Margarida Horta Ribeiro doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
182002Petrogenesis of Tin-bearing Granites from Ervedosa, Northern Portugal: The Importance of Magmatic ProcessesGomes, M. E. P. ; Neiva, A. M. R. articleopenAccess
192004Pollution of Water and Stream Sediments Associated with the Vale De Abrutiga Uranium Mine, Central PortugalPinto, M. M. S. C. ; Silva, M. M. V. G. ; Neiva, A. M. R. articleopenAccess
202002Portuguese granites associated with Sn-W and Au mineralizationsNeiva, Ana M. R. articleopenAccess
21Feb-2018Potential toxic elements in stream sediments, soils and waters in an abandoned radium mine (central Portugal)Antunes, I. M. H. R. ; Neiva, A. M. R. ; Albuquerque, M.T.D. ; Carvalho, P. C. S. ; Santos, A.C.T. ; Cunha, Pedro P. articleopenAccess
222018Release, Migration, Sorption, and (Re)Precipitation of U during Peraluminous Granite Alteration under Oxidizing Conditions in Central PortugalPinto, Marina M. S. Cabral ; Silva, Maria M. V. G. ; Neiva, Ana M. R. ; Guimarães, Fernanda; Silva, PauloarticleopenAccess
232000Serpentina, asbesto e talco : impacte ambiental das suas explorações no nordeste de PortugalTeixeira, Rui José dos Santos masterThesisopenAccess
242016Spatial variability of soils and stream sediments and the remediation effects in a Portuguese uranium mine areaNeiva, Ana Margarida Ribeiro ; Carvalho, Paula Cristina Simões de ; Antunes, Isabel Margarida Horta Ribeiro ; Pinto, Marina Marques da Silva Cabral ; Santos, António Carlos Tavares dos ; CunarticleopenAccess
252010Thick-skinned inter-plate and intra-plate tectonics in NW and SW IberiaRibeiro, A. ; Romão, J. ; Henriques, S. ; Dunning, G. ; Ribeiro, L. ; Neiva, A. ; Munhá, J. ; Pereira, E. ; Castro, P. conferenceObjectopenAccess