Barreto, João Pedro de Almeida

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Barreto, João Pedro de Almeida
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
127-Jun-2017Calibration, Structure-from-Motion and Registration Beyond Point FeaturesRaposo, Carolina dos Santos doctoralThesisopenAccess
223-Oct-2015Camera Calibration and Real-Time Image Processing in Heterogeneous Architectures - Application in Medical EndoscopyTeixeira, Rui Jorge Melo doctoralThesisopenAccess
32012Description and classification of confocal endomicroscopic images for the automatic diagnosis of the inflammatory bowel diseaseCouceiro, Sara Queirós masterThesisopenAccess
42006Fitting conics to paracatadioptric projections of linesBarreto, João P. ; Araújo, Helder articleopenAccess
513-Jan-2004General central projection systems : modeling, calibration and visual servoingBarreto, João Pedro de Almeida doctoralThesisopenAccess
62004A General Framework for the Selection of World Coordinate Systems in Perspective and Catadioptric Imaging ApplicationsBarreto, João P. ; Araújo, Helder articleopenAccess
7Aug-2005Geometric Properties of Central Catadioptric Line Images and Their Application in CalibrationBarreto, João P. ; Araújo, Helder articleopenAccess
823-Apr-2015Keypoint Detection, Matching, and Tracking in Images with Non-Linear Distortion: Applications in Medical Endoscopy and Panoramic VisionLourenço, António Miguel Marques Rodrigues Teixeira doctoralThesisopenAccess
919-Jan-2016Minimal Solutions to Geometric Problems with Multiple Cameras or Multiple Sensor ModalitiesVasconcelos, Francisco Porto Guerra e doctoralThesisopenAccess
1012-Sep-2014Processo de certificação médica do RDFixerCosta, Filipe André Boiça masterThesisopenAccess
112011Protocol and support infrastructure for the creation of an annotated database of images by confocal endomicroscopyBrito, Aniana da Rosa de masterThesisopenAccess
1219-Feb-2015Real-time Symmetry-based Dense Stereo Matching for 3D ReconstructionRalha, Ricardo Gabriel Lebre Calhau Santos masterThesisopenAccess
132008Sistema para calibrar um endoscópio rígido dentro da sala de cirurgiaSimões, Hugo Joel de Jesus masterThesisopenAccess
1418-Feb-2015Solving the uncapacitated facility location problem using fusing moves and its application in computer vision problemsMota, Vasco Tavares Salavessa Gama masterThesisopenAccess
1520-Jun-2014Stereo Reconstruction using Induced Symmetry and 3D scene priorsAntunes, Michel Gonçalves doctoralThesisopenAccess
16Jul-2009Techniques for keypoint detection and matching between endoscopic imagesLourenço, António Miguel masterThesisopenAccess
172006A unifying geometric representation for central projection systemsBarreto, João P. articleopenAccess
1827-Sep-2017VSLAM and 3D Reconstruction Using πMatchVaz, Diogo Emanuel Ribas masterThesisopenAccess