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Serra, Sónia
Serra, Sónia R. Q.
Serra, S. R.
Serra, S. R. Q.
UC Researcher
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12020Diatom size plasticity at regional and global scalesPinto, Raquel Travincas ; Almeida, Salomé F. P.; Serra, Sónia ; Feio, Maria João articleopenAccess
22022Effect of environmental education on the knowledge of aquatic ecosystems and reconnection with nature in early childhoodFeio, Maria João ; Mantas, Ana Isabel Jorge Soares ; Serra, Sónia R. Q. ; Calapez, Ana Raquel ; Almeida, Salomé F P; Sales, Manuela C; Neves, Mário Djalme Montenegro de Castro ; Moreira, FranciscaarticleopenAccess
322-Feb-2017From taxonomy to multiple-trait bioassessment: the role of Chironomidae in separating naturally poor from disturbed communitiesSerra, Sónia Raquel Quinás doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
42012A stable temperature may favour continuous reproduction by Theodoxus fluviatilis and explain its high densities in some karstic springsGraça, Manuel A. S. ; Serra, Sónia R. Q. ; Ferreira, Verónica articleopenAccess
52023Unveiling relationships between ecosystem services and aquatic communities in urban streamsCalapez, Ana Raquel ; Serra, Sónia R. Q. ; Mortágua, Andreia; Almeida, Salomé F.P.; Feio, Maria João articleopenAccess