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Pinho, M .N. de
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12003Free-volume studies in polyurethane membranes by positron annihilation spectroscopyMarques, M. F. Ferreira ; Gil, C. Lopes ; Gordo, P. M. ; Kajcsos, Zs. ; Lima, A. P. de ; Queiroz, D. P. ; Pinho, M. N. de articleopenAccess
22007Positron studies of the temperature-dependence of free volumes in Polydimethylsiloxane/poly(propylene oxide) urethane/urea membranesMarques, M. F. Ferreira ; Gordo, P. M. ; Kajcsos, Zs. ; Gil, C. Lopes ; Lima, A. P. de ; Queiroz, D. P. ; Pinho, M .N. de articleopenAccess
32001Structural characteristics and gas permeation properties of polynorbornenes with retained bicyclic structureZhao, Chun-tian ; Ribeiro, M. do Rosário ; Pinho, M. N. de ; Subrahmanyam, V. S. ; Gil, C. L. ; Lima, A. P. de articleopenAccess