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Reis, A. R.
Reis, Anabela R.
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124-May-2021Distribution and Potential Availability of As, Metals and P in Sediments from a Riverine Reservoir in a Rural Mountainous Catchment (NE Portugal)Reis, Anabela R. ; Roboredo, Marta; Pinto, João P. R. M.; Vieira, Bernardete; Varandas, Simone G. P.; Fernandes, Luis F. S.; Pacheco, Fernando A. L.articleopenAccess
2May-2014Storage and origin of metals in active stream sediments from mountainous rivers: a case study in the River Douro basin (North Portugal)Reis, Anabela ; Parker, Andrew ; Alencoão, Ana articleopenAccess
321-Dec-2018The Impact of Land Use Transformations on Zooplankton Communities in a Small Mountain River (The Corgo River, Northern Portugal)Sługocki, Łukasz; Czerniawski, Robert; Kowalska-Góralska, Monika; Senze, Magdalena; Reis, Anabela R. ; Carrola, João ; Teixeira, Carlos A.articleopenAccess