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Lobo, Lélio Q.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
11999Error analysis in Barker's method: extension to ternary systemsFonseca, I. M. A. ; Lobo, Lélio Q. articleopenAccess
22008The fusion curves of xenon, krypton, and argonFerreira, A. G. M. ; Lobo, Lélio Q. articleopenAccess
32007On the vapour pressure of radonFerreira, A. G. M. ; Lobo, Lélio Q. articleopenAccess
42001Phase equilibria from the exactly integrated Clapeyron equationLobo, Lélio Q. ; Ferreira, Abel G. M. articleopenAccess
5Oct-1981Thermodynamic properties of liquid carbon tetrafluorideLobo, Lélio Q. ; Staveley, Lionel A. K. articleopenAccess
61998(Vapour + liquid) equilibria of (fluoromethane + tetrafluoromethane) at the temperature 130.46 KFonseca, I. M. A. ; Sardinha, G. G. ; Lobo, Lélio Q. articleopenAccess