Gianolla, Cristiano

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Gianolla, Cristiano
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
11-Apr-2019AshramGianolla, Cristiano otheropenAccess
21-Apr-2019Civil disobedienceGianolla, Cristiano otheropenAccess
32017Democratisation beyond the Crisis of Liberalism, Bringing Civil Society within the StateGianolla, Cristiano articleopenAccess
41-Apr-2019DharmaGianolla, Cristiano otheropenAccess
52019Facing the elephant: STS inspired reflections on the political crisis associated with migrantsAmelung, Nina; Gianolla, Cristiano ; Ribeiro, Joana Sousa ; Viegas, Sílvia Leiria ; Magalhães, BrunoarticleopenAccess
6Jun-2015Gandhi and AAP: Decentralisation and Swaraj against Political-ColonialismGianolla, Cristiano conferenceObjectopenAccess
720-Mar-2017Gandhian Democratisation: An Account against Political ColonisationGianolla, Cristiano doctoralThesisopenAccess
82019A Itália política em constante transiçãoGianolla, Cristiano ; Allegretti, Giovanni otheropenAccess
92017Party-movement's power dynamics in transcultural perspectives: the AAP and the M5S between participation and electoral politicsGianolla, Cristiano articleopenAccess
102019Per una filosofia della migrazione fondata sulla soggettività dialogicaGianolla, Cristiano bookPartopenAccess
11Dec-2014Political Parties and Participative Approaches to DemocracyGianolla, Cristiano articleopenAccess
121-Apr-2019SatyagrahaGianolla, Cristiano otheropenAccess
13Jul-2019Social movements and academia for the de/postcolonial heritage discourseGianolla, Cristiano conferenceObjectopenAccess
142018Social tech ecosystems in sub-Saharan AfricaCsíkszentmihályi, Christopher ; Rodrigues, Gemma ; Ferreira, Elsa ; Gianolla, Cristiano ; Jardim, Cátia ; Kasprzak, Michelle ; Leclerc, Elise ; Mukundane, Jude ; Mwesigwa, Daniel reportopenAccess
151-Apr-2019WorldviewGianolla, Cristiano otheropenAccess