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Lopes, F.C.
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12015Automatic detection of wrinkle ridges in Venusian Magellan imageryBarata, M. T. ; Lopes, F. C. ; Pina, P. ; Alves, E. I. ; Saraiva, J. articleopenAccess
22006Cenozoic seismic stratigraphy and tectonic evolution of the Algarve margin (offshore Portugal, southwestern Iberian Peninsula)Lopes, F. C. ; Cunha, Pedro P. ; Le Gall, B. articleopenAccess
32008The Paleogene of the Algarve margin: evidence from multichannel seismic dataLopes, F.C. ; Cunha, Pedro P. ; Bernard, Le Gal articleopenAccess
41999Photosensitization of lymphoblastoid cells with phthalocyanines at different saturating incubation timesGomes, E. R. ; Cruz, T. ; Lopes, C. F. ; Carvalho, A. P. ; Duarte, C. B. articleopenAccess
52004Tertiary tectono-sedimentary characterisation of the Algarve margin (SW Iberia)Lopes, F.C. ; Cunha, Pedro P. articleopenAccess
62015The development of the Deception Island volcano caldera under control of the Bransfield Basin sinistral strike-slip tectonic regime (NW Antarctica)Lopes, F. C. ; Caselli, A. T. ; Machado, A. ; Barata, M. T. articleopenAccess