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Matos, R. M. M. P. de
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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12010Influence of chord axial load on the stiffness and resistance of welded “t” joints of SHS membersMatos, Rui M. M. P. de ; Costa-Neves, Luís F. ; Lima, Luciano R. O. de conferenceObjectopenAccess
22015Resistance and elastic stiffness of RHS "T" joints: part I - axial brace loadingMatos, R. M. M. P. de ; Costa-Neves, L. F. ; Lima, L.R.O. de; Vellasco, P.C.G.S.; Silva, J.G.S. daarticleopenAccess
32015Resistance and Elastic Stiffness of RHS "T" Joints: Part II - Combined Axial Brace and Chord LoadingMatos, R. M. M. P. de ; Costa-Neves, L. F. ; Lima, L. R. O. de; Vellasco, P. C.G.S.; Silva, J.G.S. daarticleopenAccess