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114-Oct-2019Effects of Physical Exercise on the Stereotyped Behavior of Children with Autism Spectrum DisordersFerreira, José Pedro ; Ghiarone, Thaysa; Júnior, Cyro Rego Cabral; Furtado, Guilherme Eustáquio ; Carvalho, Humberto Moreira; Rodrigues, Aristides Machado; Toscano, Chrystiane Vasconcelos Andrade articleopenAccess
22016Study Protocol on Hormonal Mediation of Exercise on Cognition, Stress and Immunity (PRO-HMECSI): Effects of Different Exercise Programmes in Institutionalized EldersTeixeira, Ana M. ; Ferreira, José Pedro ; Hogervorst, Eef; Braga, Margarida Ferreira; Bandelow, Stephan; Rama, Luís ; Figueiredo, António ; Campos, Maria João ; Furtado, Guilherme Eustáquio ; Chupel, Matheus U. ; Pedrosa, Filipa Martins articleopenAccess