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12021Observed and predicted ages at peak height velocity in soccer playersMalina, Robert M.; Coelho-e-Silva, Manuel J. ; Martinho, Diogo V. ; Silva, Paulo Sousa e ; Figueiredo, Antonio J. ; Cumming, Sean P. ; Králík, Miroslav; Kozieł, Sławomir MarticleopenAccess
22020Physiological profile of adult male long-distance trail runners: variations according to competitive level (national or regional)Oliveira-Rosado, Joana; Duarte, João P. ; Silva, Paulo Sousa e ; Costa, Daniela ; Martinho, Diogo V. ; Sarmento, Hugo ; Santos, João Valente dos ; Rama, Luis M. ; Tavares, Óscar M.; Conde, Jorge ; Castanheira, Joaquim ; Soles-Gonçalves, Rui; Agostinete, Ricardo R.; Coelho-e-Silva, Manuel J. articleopenAccess
3Jun-2019Repeated Sprint Ability in Youth Soccer Players: Independent and Combined Effects of Relative Age and Biological MaturityDuarte, João P. ; Coelho-e-Silva, Manuel J. ; Costa, Daniela C. ; Martinho, Diogo V. ; Luz, Leonardo G. O. ; Gonçalves, Ricardo Rebelo ; Valente-dos-Santos, João ; Figueiredo, António ; Seabra, André; Malina, Robert MarticleopenAccess
426-Oct-2020Reproducibility and inter-observer agreement of Greulich-Pyle protocol to estimate skeletal age among female adolescent soccer playersFaustino-da-Silva, Yuri V; Martinho, Diogo V. ; Coelho-e-Silva, Manuel J. ; Santos, João Valente dos ; Conde, Jorge ; Oliveira, Tomás G.; Ronque, Enio R. V.; Agostinete, Ricardo R.; Fernandes, Rômulo A.; Sherar, Lauren B.articleopenAccess
52018Reproducibility of estimated optimal peak output using a force-velocity test on a cycle ergometerCoelho-e-Silva, Manuel J. ; Gonçalves, Ricardo Rebelo ; Martinho, Diogo V. ; Ahmed, Alexis Marques ; Luz, Leonardo G. O. ; Duarte, João P. ; Severino, Vítor José Santos ; Baptista, Rafael; Valente-dos-Santos, João ; Vaz, Vasco ; Gonçalves, Rui S.; Tessitore, Antonio ; Fgueiredo, António J. articleopenAccess