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120-Mar-2021Multiparticulate Systems of Ezetimibe Micellar System and Atorvastatin Solid Dispersion Efficacy of Low-Dose Ezetimibe/Atorvastatin on High-Fat Diet-Induced Hyperlipidemia and Hepatic Steatosis in Diabetic RatsTorrado-Salmerón, Carlos; Guarnizo-Herrero, Víctor; Henriques, Joana ; Seiça, Raquel ; Sena, Cristina M. ; Torrado-Santiago, SantiagoarticleopenAccess
22018Vascular Oxidative Stress: Impact and Therapeutic ApproachesSena, Cristina M. ; Leandro, Adriana ; Azul, Lara ; Seiça, Raquel ; Perry, GeorgearticleopenAccess