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118-Jul-2023Construction and Validation of the Positive Mental Health Literacy Assessment Scale in AdultsChaves, Cláudia; Duarte, João; Sampaio, Francisco; Coelho, Joana; Gonçalves, Amadeu; Santos, Vanda ; Sequeira, CarlosarticleopenAccess
28-Feb-2022Four Geometry Problems to Introduce Automated Deduction in Secondary SchoolsQuaresma, Pedro ; Santos, VandaarticleopenAccess
32023In-Service Teacher Education Program through an Educational Design Research Approach in the Framework of the 2030 AgendaJoão, Patrícia ; Henriques, Maria Helena ; Rodrigues, Ana V.; Sá, Patrícia articleopenAccess
410-Mar-2023A Rule Based Theorem Prover: an Introduction to Proofs in Secondary SchoolsTeles, Joana ; Santos, Vanda ; Quaresma, Pedro articleopenAccess