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11-Feb-2021Clinical Trials in Portugal: How Can we Improve?Carvalho, Marta; Cunha de Eça, Rita; Gomes, Isabel ; Gonçalves, Mónica ; Lopes, Ana; Lopes, Dina; Maia, Joana; Oliveira, Ana Marta; Noronha, Ana; Oliveira, Catarina Resende de articleopenAccess
22018COPD exacerbations: management and hospital dischargeReis, A . J.; Alves, C.; Furtado, S.; Ferreira, J.; Drummond, M.; Robalo-Cordeiro, C. articleopenAccess
32018Omalizumab for Severe Asthma: Beyond Allergic AsthmaLoureiro, C. C. ; Amaral, L. ; Ferreira, J. A.; Lima, Rui ; Pardal, C.; Fernandes, I. R. ; Semedo, L.; Arrobas, A.articleopenAccess
42016Optimal treatment sequence in COPD: Can a consensus be found?Ferreira, J; Drummond, M; Pires, N; Reis, G; Alves, C; Cordeiro, C. Robalo articleopenAccess
52019Pharmacological treatment of COPD - New evidencePires, N.; Pinto, P. G. N. ; Marçal, N; Ferreira, A. J. ; Rodrigues, C. M. P. ; Bárbara, CarticleopenAccess