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12021Assessment of Human Pharmaceuticals in Drinking Water Catchments, Tap and Drinking Fountain WatersPereira, André ; Silva, Liliana ; Laranjeiro, Célia ; Pena, Angelina articleopenAccess
22021Genomes Vary in Size and Spatial Patterns Within Chimeric Blades of Porphyra sppVarela-Álvarez, Elena; Loureiro, João ; Meirmans, Patrick G.; Castro, Mariana ; Serrão, Ester A. articleopenAccess
32020Isolation, Identification and Biotechnological Applications of a Novel, Robust, Free-living Chlorococcum (Oophila) amblystomatis Strain Isolated from a Local PondCorreia, Nádia ; Pereira, Hugo; Silva, Joana T.; Santos, Tamára; Soares, Maria; Sousa, Carolina B.; Schüler, Lisa M.; Costa, Margarida; Varela, João; Pereira, Leonel ; Silva, JoanaarticleopenAccess