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129-Mar-2019Bootstrap approach to validate the performance of models for predicting mortality risk temperature in Portuguese Metropolitan AreasRodrigues, Mónica ; Santana, Paula ; Rocha, AlfredoarticleopenAccess
22020Comparative analysis of managing beaches as a recreational resource in Croatia and PortugalKovačić, Mirjana; Silveira, Luís ; Kerčević, SrđanarticleopenAccess
33-Jul-2018EU health systems classification: a new proposal from EURO-HEALTHYFerreira, Pedro Lopes ; Tavares, Aida Isabel ; Quintal, Carlota ; Santana, Paula articleopenAccess
42020Mortality from cardiovascular diseases in the municipalities of mainland Portugal: spatiotemporal evolution between 1991 and 2017Almendra, Ricardo ; Santana, Paula articleopenAccess
52019Projections of Temperature-Attributable Deaths in Portuguese Metropolitan Areas: A Time-Series Modelling ApproachRodrigues, Mónica ; Santana, Paula ; Rocha, AlfredoarticleopenAccess
62022Strategic Assessment of Neighbourhood Environmental Impacts on Mental Health in the Lisbon Region (Portugal): A Strategic Focus and Assessment Framework at the Local LevelLoureiro, Adriana ; Partidário, Maria do Rosário; Santana, Paula articleopenAccess