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12021Between Violence, Racism and Reform: São Tomé e Príncipe in the Great Depression Years, 1930–7Valverde Contreras, Beatriz ; Keese, AlexanderarticleopenAccess
22020Developing Civilisation? Imperial Internationalism at the League of Nations (1920s-1930s)Jerónimo, Miguel Bandeira articleopenAccess
32018Restoring Order, Inducing Change: Imagining a “New (Wo)man” in the Belgian Colonial Empire in the 1950sJerónimo, Miguel Bandeira articleopenAccess
428-Sep-2021The Art of Running Away: Escapes and Flight Movements During the Great Depression in São Tomé e Príncipe, 1930–1936Valverde Contreras, Beatriz ; Keese, AlexanderarticleopenAccess
5Apr-2022Une histoire transimpériale de l’Afrique: Concepts, approches et perspectivesMatasci, Damiano; Jerónimo, Miguel Bandeira articleopenAccess