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115-Feb-2022An Overview of Potential Seaweed-Derived Bioactive Compounds for Pharmaceutical ApplicationsLomartire, Silvia ; Gonçalves, Ana M. M. articleopenAccess
22022An Overview of the Alternative Use of Seaweeds to Produce Safe and Sustainable Bio-PackagingLomartire, Silvia ; Marques, João C. ; Gonçalves, Ana M. M. articleopenAccess
315-Jun-2021An Overview to the Health Benefits of Seaweeds ConsumptionLomartire, Silvia ; Marques, João Carlos ; Gonçalves, Ana M. M. articleopenAccess
42021Biochemical Effects of Two Pesticides in Three Different Temperature Scenarios on the Diatom Thalassiosira weissflogiiMesquita, Andreia F.; Gonçalves, Fernando J. M.; Rocha, Carolina P. ; Marques, João C. ; Gonçalves, Ana M. M. articleopenAccess
52021Development of a toxicophenomic index for trace element ecotoxicity tests using the halophyte Juncus acutus: Juncus-TOXDuarte, Bernardo ; Durante, Lorenzo; Marques, João Carlos ; Santos, Patrick Neil Boeskill Reis dos ; Fonseca, Vanessa F.; Caçador, Maria Isabel Violante articleopenAccess
6May-2022Disclosing the antitumour potential of the marine bromoditerpene sphaerococcenol A on distinct cancer cellular modelsAlves, Celso; Silva, Joana; Afonso, Marta B; Guedes, Romina A. ; Guedes, Rita C. ; Alvariño, Rebeca; Pinteus, Susete; Gaspar, Helena ; Goettert, Márcia I.; Alfonso, Amparo; Rodrigues, Cecília M. P.; Alpoím, Maria C. ; Botana, Luis; Pedrosa, RuiarticleopenAccess
72021Effects of Heat Treatment Processes: Health Benefits and Risks to the ConsumerCascais, Miguel ; Monteiro, Pedro ; Pacheco, Diana ; Cotas, João ; Pereira, Leonel ; Marques, João C. ; Gonçalves, Ana M. M. articleopenAccess
818-Dec-2020Effects of Propranolol on Growth, Lipids and Energy Metabolism and Oxidative Stress Response of Phaeodactylum tricornutumDuarte, Bernardo ; Feijão, Eduardo; Cruz de Carvalho, Ricardo; Duarte, Irina A; Silva, Marisa; Matos, Ana Rita ; Cabrita, Maria Teresa; Novais, Sara C; Lemos, Marco F. L. ; Marques, João Carlos ; Caçador, Isabel ; Reis-Santos, Patrick ; Fonseca, Vanessa FarticleopenAccess
926-Apr-2021Environmental Impact on Seaweed Phenolic Production and Activity: An Important Step for Compound ExploitationLomartire, Silvia ; Cotas, João ; Pacheco, Diana ; Marques, João Carlos ; Pereira, Leonel ; Gonçalves, Ana M. M. articleopenAccess
102021Evaluation and Characterization of Alginate Extracted from Brown Seaweed Collected in the Red SeaRashedy, Sarah H.; Abd El Hafez, Mohamed S. M.; Dar, Mahmoud A.; Cotas, João ; Pereira, Leonel articleopenAccess
112020Fluoxetine Arrests Growth of the Model Diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutum by Increasing Oxidative Stress and Altering Energetic and Lipid MetabolismFeijão, Eduardo; Cruz de Carvalho, Ricardo; Duarte, Irina A.; Matos, Ana Rita ; Cabrita, Maria Teresa; Novais, Sara C.; Lemos, Marco F. L. ; Caçador, Isabel ; Marques, João Carlos ; Reis-Santos, Patrick ; Fonseca, Vanessa F.; Duarte, Bernardo articleopenAccess
122022Fungi in Freshwaters: Prioritising Aquatic Hyphomycetes in Conservation GoalsBarros, Juliana ; Sahadevan, Seena articleopenAccess
132022A Global Overview of Aquaculture Food Production with a Focus on the Activity’s Development in Transitional Systems—The Case Study of a South European Country (Portugal)Rocha, Carolina P.; Cabral, Henrique N.; Marques, João C. ; Gonçalves, Ana M. M. articleopenAccess
142020Isolation, Identification and Biotechnological Applications of a Novel, Robust, Free-living Chlorococcum (Oophila) amblystomatis Strain Isolated from a Local PondCorreia, Nádia ; Pereira, Hugo; Silva, Joana T.; Santos, Tamára; Soares, Maria; Sousa, Carolina B.; Schüler, Lisa M.; Costa, Margarida; Varela, João; Pereira, Leonel ; Silva, JoanaarticleopenAccess
152022LipidTOX: A fatty acid-based index efficient for ecotoxicological studies with marine model diatoms exposed to legacy and emerging contaminantsDuarte, Bernardo ; Feijão, Eduardo; Franzitta, Marco; Duarte, Irina A.; de Carvalho, Ricardo Cruz; Cabrita, Maria Teresa; Marques, João Carlos ; Caçador, Maria Isabel Violante ; Fonseca, Vanessa Filipa Simão ; Matos, Ana Rita Ferreira articleopenAccess
1619-Mar-2021On the Health Benefits vs. Risks of Seaweeds and Their Constituents: The Curious Case of the Polymer ParadigmCotas, João ; Pacheco, Diana ; Araujo, Glacio Souza; Valado, Ana ; Critchley, Alan T. ; Pereira, Leonel articleopenAccess
172020Quantifying Marine Macro Litter Abundance on a Sandy Beach Using Unmanned Aerial Systems and Object-Oriented Machine Learning MethodsGonçalves, Gil ; Andriolo, Umberto ; Gonçalves, Luísa ; Sobral, Paula ; Bessa, Filipa articleopenAccess
182021Seasonal Nutritional Profile of Gelidium corneum (Rhodophyta, Gelidiaceae) from the Center of PortugalCavaco, Mário; Duarte, Adriana ; Freitas, Marta V.; Afonso, Clélia; Bernardino, Susana; Pereira, Leonel ; Martins, Mendelson; Mouga, Teresa articleopenAccess
192020Seaweed Phenolics: From Extraction to ApplicationsCotas, João ; Leandro, Adriana ; Monteiro, Pedro ; Pacheco, Diana ; Figueirinha, Artur ; Gonçalves, Ana M. M. ; Silva, Gabriela Jorge da ; Pereira, Leonel articleopenAccess
202021Seaweeds as a Fermentation Substrate: A Challenge for the Food Processing IndustryMonteiro, Pedro ; Lomartire, Silvia ; Cotas, João ; Pacheco, Diana ; Marques, João C. ; Pereira, Leonel ; Gonçalves, Ana M. M. articleopenAccess