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FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P., Project UIDB/05037/2020


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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
18-Feb-2022Adaptive marketing capabilities, market orientation, and international performance: the moderation effect of competitive intensityReimann, Caroline Kalil; Carvalho, Fernando Manuel Pereira de Oliveira; Duarte, Marcelo Pereira articleopenAccess
22020An analysis of the energy intensity of Latin American and Caribbean countries: Empirical evidence on the role of public and private capital stockSantiago, Renato; Fuinhas, José Alberto ; Marques, António CardosoarticleembargoedAccess
32021Assessing the advancement of new renewable energy sources in Latin American and Caribbean countriesSilva, Nuno; Fuinhas, José Alberto ; Koengkan, MatheusarticleembargoedAccess
42022Assessment of renewable electricity adoption in sub-Saharan AfricaOlanrele, Iyabo Adeola; Fuinhas, José Alberto articleopenAccess
52021China’s Effect on World Energy–Growth Nexus: Spillovers Evidence from Financial Development and CO2 EmissionsMarques, Luís Miguel ; Fuinhas, José Alberto ; Marques, António CardosoarticleopenAccess
62022Do energy efficiency and export quality affect the ecological footprint in emerging countries? A two-step approach using the SBM–DEA model and panel quantile regressionKazemzadeh, Emad; Fuinhas, José Alberto ; Koengkan, Matheus; Osmani, Fariba; Silva, NunoarticleembargoedAccess
72022Do financial and fiscal incentive policies increase the energy efficiency ratings in residential properties? A piece of empirical evidence from PortugalKoengkan, Matheus; Fuinhas, José Alberto ; Osmani, Fariba; Kazemzadeh, Emad; Auza, Anna ; Alavijeh, Nooshin Karimi; Teixeira, Mónica Martins articleembargoedAccess
82024Does culture moderate the innovation input–output relationship? A two-stage configurational analysisDuarte, Marcelo Pereira ; Carvalho, Fernando Manuel P.O.articleopenAccess
92022Does the Obesity Problem Increase Environmental Degradation? Macroeconomic and Social Evidence from the European CountriesKoengkan, Matheus; Fuinhas, José Alberto articleopenAccess
102021Does the overweight epidemic cause energy consumption? A piece of empirical evidence from the European regionKoengkan, Matheus; Fuinhas, José Alberto articleembargoedAccess
11Feb-2021Eco-efficiency in early design decisions: A multimethodology approachBelucio, Matheus; Rodrigues, Carla; Antunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Freire, Fausto Miguel Cereja Seixas ; Dias, Luis C. articleembargoedAccess
122020Emotional intelligence and cultural intelligence in top management of international SMEsCabral, Angelo Miguel R.; Carvalho, Fernando Manuel P. O. ; Ferreira, Jose Antonio V.articleopenAccess
132020Energy production and trade openness: Assessing economic growth, CO2 emissions and the applicability of the cointegration analysisHdom, Hélde A.D.; Fuinhas, José Alberto articleopenAccess
14Jan-2021Exploring the capacity of renewable energy consumption to reduce outdoor air pollution death rate in Latin America and the Caribbean regionKoengkan, Matheus; Fuinhas, José Alberto ; Silva, Nuno articleembargoedAccess
152020Exploring the effect of the renewable energy transition on CO2 emissions of Latin American & Caribbean countriesKoengkan, Matheus; Fuinhas, José Alberto articleembargoedAccess
162022Factors driving CO2 emissions: the role of energy transition and brain drainKazemzadeh, Emad; Fuinhas, José Alberto ; Salehnia, Narges; Koengkan, Matheus; Shirazi, Masoud ; Osmani, FaribaarticleembargoedAccess
1712-Jul-2021Failure Simulation in Software-Defined Networks with Differential Link AvailabilityMelo, Manuel Paulo Albuquerque ; Jorge, Luísa Maria Garcia ; Gomes, Teresa Martinez dos Santos articleembargoedAccess
18Jun-2021From Bitcoin to Central Bank Digital Currencies: Making Sense of the Digital Money RevolutionCunha, Paulo Rupino ; Melo, Paulo ; Sebastião, Helder articleopenAccess
192022Heterogeneous Effect of “Eco-Friendly” Dwellings on Transaction Prices in Real Estate Market in PortugalKoengkan, Matheus; Fuinhas, José Alberto articleopenAccess
205-Aug-2022Heterogeneous impact of eco-innovation on premature deaths resulting from indoor and outdoor air pollution: empirical evidence from EU29 countriesKoengkan, Matheus; Kazemzadeh, Emad; Fuinhas, José Alberto ; Tash, Mohammad Nabi ShahikiarticleembargoedAccess