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121-Nov-2021Antidepressants and Circadian Rhythm: Exploring Their Bidirectional Interaction for the Treatment of DepressionSilva, Soraia ; Bicker, Joana ; Falcão, Amílcar ; Fortuna, Ana articleopenAccess
22021Encapsulated Escitalopram and Paroxetine Intranasal Co-Administration: In Vitro/In Vivo EvaluationSilva, Soraia; Bicker, Joana; Fonseca, Carla; Ferreira, Nuno R.; Vitorino, Carla; Alves, Gilberto ; Falcão, Amílcar ; Fortuna, Ana articleopenAccess
32020Targeted siRNA Delivery Using Lipid NanoparticlesJorge, Andreia ; Pais, Alberto ; Vitorino, Carla bookembargoedAccess