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12018De-securitising ‘the South in the North’? Gendered Narratives on the Refugee Flows in the European MediascapeSantos, Rita ; Roque, Sílvia ; Santos, Sofia José articleopenAccess
22019Facing the elephant: STS inspired reflections on the political crisis associated with migrantsAmelung, Nina; Gianolla, Cristiano ; Ribeiro, Joana Sousa ; Viegas, Sílvia Leiria ; Magalhães, BrunoarticleopenAccess
32018Razza cagna: mondo movies, the white heterosexual male gaze, and the 1960s–1970s imaginary of the nationGiuliani, Gaia articleopenAccess
42019Roundtable on Visuality, Race and Nationhood in ItalyBurdett, Charles; Ferrini, Alessandra; Giuliani, Gaia ; Griffini, Marianna; Luijnenburg, Linde; Mancosu, GianmarcoarticleopenAccess