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12021Debunking the #Manosphere: An Exploratory Analysis on Patriarchy and Ageism Within the Digital RealmSantos, Sofia José ; Amaral, Inês ; Simões, Rita Basílio ; Brites, Maria JosébookPartembargoedAccess
22021Digital Aging: Reinforcing Normative Masculinities on InstagramAmaral, Inês ; Santos, Sofia José ; Simões, Rita Basílio ; Brites, Maria JosébookPartembargoedAccess
32020Gender Studies and the New Academic Governance. Global Challenges, Glocal Dynamics and Local Impacts, edited by Heike Kahlert. Wiesbaden, Springer, 2018, 289 pp.Garraio, Júlia reviewopenAccess
42020“Ideologia de género”: origem e disseminação de um discurso antifeministaGarraio, Júlia ; Toldy, Teresa articleopenAccess
52020Mapping Intergenerational Masculinities on InstagramAmaral, Inês ; Santos, Sofia José ; Brites, Maria José bookPartopenAccess
62020Masculinities and Ageing: Deconstructing Online Representations Among Portuguese Speaking UsersSantos, Sofia José ; Amaral, Inês ; Brites, Maria José bookPartopenAccess
72020Media e MasculinidadesCarvalho, Alexandre de Sousa ; Santos, Sofia José bookPartopenAccess
82021Razza, nazione e musica. Comunità immaginata e voci discordantiGiuliani, Gaia ; Houbabi, WissalbookPartopenAccess
930-Nov-2021A space to resist rape myths? Journalism, patriarchy and sexual violenceSantos, Sofia José ; Garraio, Júlia ; Carvalho, Alexandre de Sousa ; Amaral, InêsarticleopenAccess
1031-May-2021The new feminist frontier on community-based learning: popular feminism, online misogyny, and toxic masculinitiesSimões, Rita Basílio; Amaral, Inês ; Santos, Sofia José articleopenAccess
1110-Mar-2020The Unimaginable Rapist and the Backlash Against #MeToo in PortugalGarraio, Júlia ; Santos, Sofia José ; Amaral, Inês ; Carvalho, Alexandre de Sousa articleopenAccess
122018Violência cultural, masculinidades e publicidade: a campanha “É de homem!” da L’Oréal em PortugalSantos, Sofia José ; Carvalho, Alexandre de Sousa articleopenAccess