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12020Aspects of isentropic trajectories in chiral effective modelsStiele, Rainer ; Alberico, Wanda Maria; Beraudo, Andrea; Pereira, Renan Câmara ; Costa, Pedro ; Hansen, Hubert; Motta, MarioarticleopenAccess
22020Cell Reversal From a Differentiated to a Stem-Like State at Cancer InitiationCarvalho, João articleopenAccess
315-May-2017Defect levels and hyperfine constants of hydrogen in beryllium oxide from hybrid-functional calculations and muonium spectroscopyMarinopoulos, A. G. ; Vilão, R. C. ; Vieira, R. B. L. ; Alberto, H. V. ; Gil, J. M. ; Yakushev, M. V. ; Scheuermann, R. ; Goko, T. articleopenAccess
47-Nov-2017Finite temperature gluon propagator in Landau gauge: non-zero Matsubara frequencies and spectral densitiesSilva, Paulo J. ; Oliveira, Orlando ; Dudal, David; Roelfs, MartinarticleopenAccess
52019Finite temperature Landau gauge lattice quark propagatorOliveira, Orlando ; Silva, Paulo J. articleopenAccess
61-Jul-2018Magnetocaloric effect, electric, and dielectric properties of Nd0.6Sr0.4MnxCo1−xO3 compositesAbdel-Latif, I. A. ; Ahmed, A. M. ; Mohamed, H. F. ; Saleh, S. A. ; Paixão, J. A. ; Ziq, Kh. A. ; Hamad, M. Kh. ; Al-Nahari, E. G. ; Ghozza, M. ; Allam, S. articleopenAccess
72020Neutron Star Properties: Quantifying the Effect of the Crust–Core Matching ProcedureFerreira, Márcio ; Providência, Constança articleopenAccess
81-Oct-2018NLO properties of a triphenlyguanidine salt: The importance of pseudo-symmetrySilva, Pedro S. Pereira ; Gonçalves, Mauro A. Pereira ; Silva, Manuela Ramos ; Zawadzkac, Anna ; Sahraouid, Bouchta ; Paixão, José A. articleopenAccess
913-Oct-2018Structural, morphological, Raman and ac electrical properties of the multiferroic sol-gel made Bi<inf>0.8</inf>Er<inf>0.1</inf>Ba<inf>0.1</inf>Fe<inf>0.96</inf>Cr<inf>0.02</inf>Co<inf>0.02</inf>O<inf>3</inf> materialBenali, A. ; Melo, B.M.G.; Prezas, P.R.; Bejar, M.; Dhahri, E.; Valente, M.A.; Graça, M.P.F.; Nogueira, Bernardo Albuquerque ; Costa, B.F.O.articleopenAccess
1026-Jul-2018Supercurrent anomaly and gauge invariance in the N = 1 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theoryBatista, Y. R. ; Hiller, Brigitte ; Cherchigli, Adriano ; Sampaio, Marcos articleopenAccess
112-Mar-2018Synthesis, Structure, and Cytotoxicity of a New Sulphanyl-Bridged Thiadiazolyl-Saccharinate Conjugate: The Relevance of S···N InteractionCabral, Lília I. L. ; Brás, Elisa M. ; Henriques, Marta S. C. ; Marques, Cátia ; Frija, Luís M. T. ; Barreira, Luísa ; Paixão, José António ; Fausto, Rui articleembargoedAccess
1216-Nov-2017The role of the transition state in muon implantationVilão, R. C. ; Vieira, R. B. L. ; Alberto, H. V. ; Gil, J. M. ; Weidinger, A. articleopenAccess
132019Thermal spike in muon implantationVilão, R. C.; Alberto, H. V. ; Gil, J. M. ; Weidinger, A. articleopenAccess