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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12017An action of the Hecke monoid on rational modules for the Borel subgroup of a quantised general linear groupSantana, Ana Paula ; Yudin, Ivan articleembargoedAccess
28-Dec-2014Covariant Lie derivatives and Frölicher-Nijenhuis bracket on Lie AlgebroidsDe Nicola, Antonio ; Yudin, Ivan articleopenAccess
312-Feb-2016Generalized Goldberg FormulaDe Nicola, Antonio ; Yudin, Ivan articleopenAccess
43-Jun-2016A non-Sasakian Lefschetz K-contact manifold of Tievsky typeCappelletti-Montano, Beniamino ; De Nicola, Antonio ; Marrero, Juan Carlos ; Yudin, Ivan articleopenAccess
5Feb-2018On nearly Sasakian and nearly cosymplectic manifoldsDe Nicola, Antonio ; Dileo, Giulia ; Yudin, Ivan articleembargoedAccess
62014Stratifying ideals and twisted productsSantana, Ana Paula ; Yudin, Ivan bookPartopenAccess