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128-Jan-20143D City Models and urban information: Current issues and perspectivesBillen, R. ; Cutting-Decelle A.-F. ; Marina, O. ; Almeida J.-P. de ; Caglioni, M. ; Falquet, G. ; Leduc, T. ; Métral C. ; Moreau, G. ; Perret, J. ; Rabino, G. ; San José, R. ; Yatskiv, I. ; Zlatanova, S. bookopenAccess
220213D Reconstruction of Coastal Cliffs from Fixed-Wing and Multi-Rotor UAS: Impact of SfM-MVS Processing Parameters, Image Redundancy and Acquisition GeometryGonçalves, Gil ; Gonçalves, Diogo ; Gómez-Gutiérrez, Álvaro; Andriolo, Umberto ; Pérez-Alvárez, Juan AntonioarticleopenAccess
34-Sep-2019Accessibility to services of general interest in polycentric urban system planning: the case of PortugalMarques, Teresa Maria Vieira de Sá ; Saraiva, Miguel; Ribeiro, Diogo; Amante, Ana; Silva, Duarte; Melo, Paulo articleembargoedAccess
420-May-2016Additive aggregation with variable interdependent parameters: the VIP Analysis softwareDias, Luis C. ; Clímaco, João N. articleopenAccess
52020Addressing the class imbalance problem in the automatic image classification of coastal litter from orthophotos derived from uas imageryDuarte, D. ; Andriolo, U. ; Gonçalves, G. articleopenAccess
62020Advantage of Beam Angle Optimization in Head-and-Neck IMRT: Patient Specific AnalysisVentura, Tiago ; Lopes, Maria do Carmo Carrilho Calado Antunes ; Rocha, Humberto ; Ferreira, Brigida da Costa ; Dias, JoanabookPartopenAccess
72002An aggregation/disaggregation approach to obtain robust conclusions with ELECTRE TRIDias, Luís ; Mousseau, Vincent ; Figueira, José ; Clímaco, João articleopenAccess
82008An algorithm for ordinal sorting based on ELECTRE with categories defined by examplesRocha, Clara ; Dias, Luís articleopenAccess
92005An algorithm for ranking quickest simple pathsPascoal, Marta M. B. ; Captivo, M. Eugénia V. ; Clímaco, João C. N. articleopenAccess
102017Algorithms for determining a node-disjoint path pair visiting specified nodesGomes, Teresa ; Martins, Lúcia ; Ferreira, Sofia ; Pascoal, Marta ; Tipper, David articleembargoedAccess
112016An Accelerated Multistart Derivative-Free Framework for the Beam Angle Optimization Problem in IMRTRocha, Humberto ; Dias, Joana M. ; Ventura, Tiago ; Ferreira, Brígida C. ; Lopes, Maria do Carmo bookopenAccess
1214-Jun-2018An Aiding Tool for Building Design Generation, Thermal Assessment and Optimization -- EnergyPlus Interaction OverviewMarco S. Fernandes ; E. Rodrigues ; Gaspar, Adélio R. ; Álvaro Gomes conferenceObjectopenAccess
132014An algorithm for computing all-terminal reliability boundsSilva, Jaime ; Gomes, Teresa Martinez dos Santos ; Tipper, David ; Martins, Lucia; Kounev, Velin articleembargoedAccess
14Dec-2016An Application of Soft Systems Methodology in the Evaluation of Policies and Incentive Actions to Promote Technological Innovations in the Electricity SectorAntunes, Carlos Henggeler ; Dias, Luis ; Dantas, Guilherme ; Mathias, João ; Zamboni, Lucca articleopenAccess
152015An application of value-based DEA to identify the best practices in primary health careGouveia, M. C. ; Dias, L. C. ; Antunes, C. H. ; Mota, M. A. ; Duarte, E. M. ; Tenreiro, E. M. articleopenAccess
162016An approach to determine unsupported non-dominated solutions in bicriteria integer linear programsClímaco, João C. N. ; Pascoal, Marta articleembargoedAccess
172015An Approach to Urban Quarter Design Using Building Generative Design and Thermal Performance OptimizationRodrigues, Eugénio ; Amaral, Ana Rita ; Gaspar, Adélio Rodrigues ; Gomes, Álvaro articleopenAccess
182021An automated bi‐level optimization approach for IMRTCarrasqueira, P. ; Alves, M. J. ; Dias, J. M. ; Rocha, H. ; Ventura, T. ; Ferreira, B. C. ; Lopes, M. C. articleopenAccess
19Jun-2016An automated methodology for converting OSM data into a Land Use/Cover mapFonte, Cidália Costa ; Minghini, Marco ; Antoniou, Vyron ; See, Linda ; Patriarca, Joaquim ; Brovelli, Maria A ; Milcinski, Grega articleopenAccess
202021An automated treatment planning strategy for highly noncoplanar radiotherapy arc trajectoriesCarrasqueira, P.; Rocha, Humberto ; Dias, J. M.; Ventura, T.; Ferreira, B. C. ; Lopes, M. C.articleembargoedAccess