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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2016The University at a CrossroadsSantos, Boaventura de Sousa bookPartopenAccess
2010The university in the twenty-first century: Toward a democratic and emancipatory university reformSantos, Boaventura de Sousa bookPartopenAccess
2016The use of politeuma and other polis-related terms as ‘conceptual iconography’ in Plutarch’s 'An seni respublica gerenda sit'Leão, Delfim bookPartopenAccess
2009The variable geometry of Participatory Budgeting: which lessons from the new Portuguese explosion?Dias, Nelson ; Allegretti, Giovanni bookPartopenAccess
2010The War Against the War: Violence and Anticolonialismm, in the Final Years of the Estado NovoCardina, Miguel bookPartopenAccess
2017The west and the women of the restMartins, Catarina bookPartopenAccess
2017The women of the other and usMartins, Catarina bookPartopenAccess
2019The “Medieval House” of Coimbra: Archeology of architecture in the demystification of archetypesGinja, AntóniobookPartopenAccess
2011Theoretical intersections in literary imagology : imagotypes and the imaginarySimões, Maria João bookPartopenAccess
1998Thermal Optimal Design of Office BuildingsSimões, Luis ; Gil, Carlos bookPartopenAccess
Jun-2019Thoughts on future directions: Art and culture in transformations toward greater sustainabilityDuxbury, Nancy bookPartopenAccess
1994Three dimensional nonlinear optimization of cable stayed bridgesSimões, Luis ; Negrão, João bookPartembargoedAccess
2012Tiago Veiga. Uma biografia (Mário Cláudio) a invenção da verdadeArnaut, Ana Paula bookPartopenAccess
2014Tipologia da violência em Petrónio: crime, punição e autopuniçãoLeão, Delfim bookPartopenAccess
2013To be a lawgiver, the more sublimated form of tyranny: Solon’s expression of powerRodrigues, Alia bookPartembargoedAccess
2018Todas las mujeres portuguesas fueron a la guerra colonialCammaert, Felipe bookPartopenAccess
Dec-2014Tornar-se adulto na Antiguidade Clássica – Tornar-se adulto na Grécia antiga: normas, práticas e representaçõesFerreira, Luísa de Nazaré bookPartopenAccess
2004Toughness requirements in structural applicationsNussbaumer, Alain ; Sedlacek, G. ; Müller, Christian bookPartopenAccess
1997Tourism and environmental degradation on the west coast of PortugalCunha, Lúcio ; Cravidão, Fernanda bookPartopenAccess
2002Toward a multicultural conception of human rightsSantos, Boaventura de Sousa bookPartopenAccess