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2021Evaluation of the factors explaining the use of agricultural land: A machine learning and model-agnostic approachViana, Cláudia M.; Santos, Maurício; Freire, Dulce ; Abrantes, Patrícia; Rocha, JorgearticleopenAccess
Dec-2016Exploring the impacts of future tourism development on land use/cover changesBoavida-Portugal, Inês; Rocha, Jorge; Ferreira, Carlos Manuel Batista Cardoso articleembargoedAccess
13-Dec-2017Identifying Tourist Places of Interest Based on Digital Imprints: Towards a Sustainable Smart CityEncalada, Luis; Boavida-Portugal, Inês; Ferreira, Carlos Manuel Batista Cardoso ; Rocha, JorgearticleopenAccess
26-May-2015Where to vacation? An agent-based approach to modelling tourist decision-making processBoavida-Portugal, Inês; Ferreira, Carlos Manuel Batista Cardoso ; Rocha, JorgearticleembargoedAccess