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1-Jan-2023Circulating microRNA levels differ in the early stages of insulin resistance in prepubertal children with obesitySantos, Diana ; Porter-Gill, Patricia; Goode, Grace; Delhey, Leanna; Sørensen, Anja Elaine; Rose, Shannon; Børsheim, Elisabet; Dalgaard, Louise Torp; Carvalho, Eugenia articleopenAccess
2-Oct-2020Mechanistic Actions of microRNAs in Diabetic Wound HealingPetkovic, Marija ; Sørensen, Anja Elaine; Leal, Ermelindo Carreira ; Carvalho, Eugenia ; Dalgaard, Louise TorparticleopenAccess
9-Apr-2019microRNA-155 inhibition restores Fibroblast Growth Factor 7 expression in diabetic skin and decreases wound inflammationMoura, João ; Sørensen, Anja; Leal, Ermelindo ; Svendsen, Rikke; Carvalho, Lina ; Willemoes, Rie Juul; Jørgensen, Per Trolle; Jenssen, Håvard; Wengel, Jesper; Dalgaard, Louise Torp; Carvalho, Eugenia articleopenAccess