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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2020Topical Minoxidil-Loaded Nanotechnology Strategies for AlopeciaSantos, Ana Cláudia ; Silva, Miguel Pereira da ; Guerra, Catarina ; Costa, Diana ; Peixoto, Diana ; Pereira, Irina ; Pita, Inês R. ; Ribeiro, António J. ; Veiga, Francisco articleopenAccess
2022Understanding of Immune Escape Mechanisms and Advances in Cancer ImmunotherapyAktar, Nasrin; Yueting, Chen; Abbas, Muhammad; Zafar, Hajra; Paiva-Santos, Ana Cláudia ; Zhang, Qin; Chen, Tingting; Ahmed, Moudud; Raza, Faisal; Zhou, XiaohuiarticleopenAccess
20-Sep-2019Unraveling the potential of nanotechnology towards cutaneous melanoma therapy – an update reviewMonteiro, Carina Alexandra TeixeiramasterThesisopenAccess