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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2014Methodology to simulate the impact of a large deployment of a residential energy management system in the electricity gridMiguel, Pedro ; Neves, Luís ; Martins, A. Gomes articleembargoedAccess
1995A multiple objective linear programming model for power generation expansion planningClímaco, João ; Antunes, C. Henggeler ; Martins, A. Gomes ; Almeida, A. Traça articleopenAccess
2004A multiple objective mixed integer linear programming model for power generation expansion planningAntunes, C. Henggeler ; Martins, A. Gomes ; Brito, Isabel Sofia articleopenAccess
2003On the use of reactive power as an endogenous variable in short-term load forecastingSantos, P. Jorge ; Martins, A. Gomes ; Pires, A. J. articleopenAccess
1999Simulation-based assessment of electric load management programsGomes, A. ; Martins, A. Gomes ; Figueiredo, R. articleopenAccess
2016Using clustering techniques to provide simulation scenarios for the smart gridMiguel, Pedro ; Gonçalves, José ; Neves, Luís ; Martins, A.Gomes articleembargoedAccess