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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2007Simultaneous and enantioselective liquid chromatographic determination of eslicarbazepine acetate, S-licarbazepine, R-licarbazepine and oxcarbazepine in mouse tissue samples using ultraviolet detectionAlves, Gilberto ; Figueiredo, Isabel ; Castel-Branco, Margarida ; Loureiro, Ana ; Falcão, Amílcar ; Caramona, Margarida articleopenAccess
2008Stereoselective disposition of S and R-licarbazepine in miceAlves, Gilberto ; Figueiredo, Isabel ; Falcão, Amílcar ; Castel-Branco, Margarida ; Caramona, Margarida ; Soares-da-Silva, Patrício articleopenAccess
Mar-2009The maximal electroshock seizure (MES) model in the preclinical assessment of potential new antiepileptic drugsCastel-Branco, M. M. ; Alves, G. L. ; Figueiredo, I. V. ; Falcão, Amílcar ; Caramona, M. M. articleopenAccess
2013The sodium prevalence in carbonated soft drinks sold in BrazilNunes, Sandra Fernanda ; Freire, Sónia Maria; Castel-Branco, Maria Margarida ; Figueiredo, Isabel Vitória articleopenAccess
Sep-2012Tratamento farmacológico da depressão em mulheres grávidasLopes, Joana Isabel AntunesmasterThesisopenAccess
10-Jan-2023A Universal Pharmacological-Based List of Drugs with Anticholinergic ActivityLavrador, Marta ; Cabral, Ana C. ; Veríssimo, Manuel T. ; Fernandez-Llimos, Fernando ; Figueiredo, Isabel V. ; Castel-Branco, M. Margarida articleopenAccess