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2021Editorial: Envisioning the Future of Industrial Bioprocesses Through BiorefineryPereira, Jorge F. B. ; Papaiconomou, Nicolas; Ventura, Sónia P. M.articleopenAccess
2023Hydrodynamics of cholinium chloride-based aqueous biphasic systems (ABS): A key study for their industrial implementationJorge, Alexandre M. S. ; Coutinho, João A. P. ; Pereira, Jorge F. B. articleopenAccess
2021Imidazolium-based ionic liquids as additives to preserve the Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein fluorescent activityVeríssimo, Nathalia V.; Saponi, Carolina F.; Ryan, Timothy M.; Greaves, Tamar L.; Pereira, Jorge F. B. articleopenAccess
2023Influence of Choline Chloride on the Phase Equilibria and Partition Performance of Polymer/Polymer Aqueous Biphasic SystemsAlves, Mariana B. ; Lopes, André M.; Santos, Nathalia A.; Santos-Ebinuma, Valéria C.; Vicente, Filipa A.; Pereira, Jorge F. B. articleopenAccess
Jul-2023Microbial astaxanthin: from bioprocessing to the market recognitionMussagy, Cassamo U; Kot, Anna; Dufossé, Laurent; Gonçalves, Carmem N. D. P. ; Pereira, Jorge F. B. ; Santos-Ebinuma, Valeria C; Raghavan, Vijaya; Pessoa, AdalbertoarticleopenAccess
2020Non-invasive Transdermal Delivery of Human Insulin Using Ionic Liquids: In vitro StudiesJorge, Ludmilla R.; Harada, Liliam K.; Silva, Erica C.; Campos, Welida F.; Moreli, Fernanda C.; Shimamoto, Gustavo; Pereira, Jorge F. B. ; Oliveira, José M; Tubino, Matthieu; Vila, Marta M. D. C.; Balcão, Victor M.articleopenAccess
31-Oct-2021Opposite Effects Induced by Cholinium-Based Ionic Liquid Electrolytes in the Formation of Aqueous Biphasic Systems Comprising Polyethylene Glycol and Sodium PolyacrylateBernardo, Sandra C.; Capela, Emanuel V.; Pereira, Jorge F. B. ; Ventura, Sónia P. M.; Freire, Mara G. ; Coutinho, João A. P. articleopenAccess
1-Feb-2022Protic Ionic Liquid Cation Alkyl Chain Length Effect on Lysozyme StructureHan, Qi; Broomhall, Hayden C.; Vieira Veríssimo, Nathalia; Ryan, Timothy M.; Drummond, Calum J.; Pereira, Jorge F. B. ; Greaves, Tamar L.articleopenAccess