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20213D Reconstruction of Coastal Cliffs from Fixed-Wing and Multi-Rotor UAS: Impact of SfM-MVS Processing Parameters, Image Redundancy and Acquisition GeometryGonçalves, Gil ; Gonçalves, Diogo ; Gómez-Gutiérrez, Álvaro; Andriolo, Umberto ; Pérez-Alvárez, Juan AntonioarticleopenAccess
2020Addressing the class imbalance problem in the automatic image classification of coastal litter from orthophotos derived from uas imageryDuarte, D. ; Andriolo, U. ; Gonçalves, G. articleopenAccess
2022Beached and Floating Litter Surveys by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Operational Analogies and DifferencesAndriolo, Umberto ; Garcia-Garin, Odei; Vighi, Morgana; Borrell, Asunción; Gonçalves, Gil articleopenAccess
2020Breaking Wave Height Estimation from Timex Images: Two Methods for Coastal Video Monitoring SystemsAndriolo, Umberto ; Mendes, Diogo ; Taborda, RuiarticleopenAccess
2021Citizen Science for Marine Litter Detection and Classification on Unmanned Aerial Vehicle ImagesMerlino, Silvia; Paterni, Marco; Locritani, Marina; Andriolo, Umberto ; Gonçalves, Gil ; Massetti, LucianoarticleopenAccess
2019Nearshore Wave Transformation Domains from Video ImageryAndriolo, Umberto articleopenAccess
2022On the 3D Reconstruction of Coastal Structures by Unmanned Aerial Systems with Onboard Global Navigation Satellite System and Real-Time Kinematics and Terrestrial Laser ScanningGonçalves, Diogo ; Gonçalves, Gil ; Pérez-Alvávez, Juan Antonio; Andriolo, Umberto articleopenAccess
2020Quantifying Marine Macro Litter Abundance on a Sandy Beach Using Unmanned Aerial Systems and Object-Oriented Machine Learning MethodsGonçalves, Gil ; Andriolo, Umberto ; Gonçalves, Luísa ; Sobral, Paula ; Bessa, Filipa articleopenAccess
2022Wave Impact Analysis on a Beach-Dune System to Support Coastal Management and Nourishment Works: The Showcase of Mira, PortugalFontán-Bouzas, Ángela; Andriolo, Umberto ; Silva, Paulo A.; Baptista, Paulo articleopenAccess