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2015Adjustment Capacity of Maritime Pine Cambial Activity in Drought-Prone EnvironmentsVieira, Joana ; Campelo, Filipe ; Rossi, Sergio ; Carvalho, Ana ; Freitas, Helena ; Nabais, Cristina articleopenAccess
2009Age-dependent responses of tree-ring growth and intra-annual density fluctuations of Pinus pinaster to Mediterranean climateVieira, Joana ; Campelo, Filipe ; Nabais, Cristina articleembargoedAccess
2014Are neighboring trees in tune? Wood formation in Pinus pinasterVieira, Joana ; Rossi, Sergio ; Campelo, Filipe ; Nabais, Cristina articleopenAccess
2012Climatic information in tree-ring width and vessel features of Quercus ilex L.Abrantes, José Manuel Ferrão masterThesisopenAccess
2016Climatic Signals from Intra-annual Density Fluctuation Frequency in Mediterranean Pines at a Regional ScaleZalloni, Enrica ; de Luis, Martin ; Campelo, Filipe ; Novak, Klemen ; De Micco, Veronica ; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; Vieira, Joana ; Nabais, Cristina ; Rozas, Vicente ; Battipaglia, Giovanna articleopenAccess
2014Climatic signals of tree-ring width and intra-annual density fluctuations in Pinus pinaster and Pinus pinea along a latitudinal gradient in PortugalNabais, C. ; Campelo, F. ; Vieira, J. ; Cherubini, P. articleopenAccess
14-Mar-2008Climatic significance of tree-ring width and intra-annual wood features in Pinus pinea L. and Quercus ilex L.Campelo, Filipe José Valente doctoralThesisembargoedAccess
Mar-2023A critical thermal transition driving spring phenology of Northern Hemisphere conifersHuang, Jian-Guo ; Zhang, Yaling; Wang, Minhuang; Yu, Xiaohan; Deslauriers, Annie ; Fonti, Patrick ; Liang, Eryuan ; Mäkinen, Harri ; Oberhuber, Walter ; Rathgeber, Cyrille B. K. ; Tognetti, Roberto; Treml, Vaclav ; Yang, Bao; Zhai, Lihong; Zhang, Jiao-Lin; Antonucci, Serena; Bergeron, Yves; Camarero, Jesus Julio ; Campelo, Filipe ; Čufar, Katarina ; Cuny, Henri E. ; De Luis, Martin ; Fajstavr, Marek; Giovannelli, Alessio; Gričar, Jožica ; Gruber, Andreas ; Gryc, Vladimír ; Güney, Aylin; Jyske, Tuula ; Kašpar, Jakub; King, Gregory ; Krause, Cornelia ; Lemay, Audrey; Liu, Feng; Lombardi, Fabio; del Castillo, Edurne Martinez ; Morin, Hubert ; Nabais, Cristina ; Nöjd, Pekka ; Peters, Richard L; Prislan, Peter ; Saracino, Antonio; Shishov, Vladimir V; Swidrak, Irene ; Vavrčík, Hanuš ; Vieira, Joana ; Zeng, Qiao; Liu, Yu; Rossi, SergioarticleopenAccess
2022Decoupled leaf-wood phenology in two pine species from contrasting climates: Longer growing seasons do not mean more radial growthCamarero, J. Julio; Campelo, Filipe ; Colangelo, Michele; Valeriano, Cristina; Knorre, Anastasia; Solé, Germán; Rubio-Cuadrado, ÁlvaroarticleopenAccess
2017Dendrochronology of maritime pine in the middle of the Atlantic OceanVieira, Joana ; Campelo, Filipe ; Nabais, Cristina articleembargoedAccess
2022Environment Controls Seasonal and Daily Cycles of Stem Diameter Variations in Portuguese Oak (Quercus faginea Lambert)Vieira, Joana ; Campelo, Filipe ; Nabais, Cristina articleopenAccess
2021Extreme Growth Increments Reveal Local and Regional Climatic Signals in Two Pinus pinaster PopulationsVieira, Joana ; Nabais, Cristina ; Campelo, Filipe articleopenAccess
2023Growth phenology adjusts to seasonal changes in water availability in coexisting evergreen and deciduous mediterranean oaksCampelo, Filipe ; Rubio-Cuadrado, Álvaro; Montes, Fernando; Colangelo, Michele; Valeriano, Cristina; Camarero, J. JulioarticleopenAccess
2010Intra-annual density fluctuations of Pinus pinaster are a record of climatic changes in the western Mediterranean regionVieira, Joana ; Campelo, Filipe ; Nabais, Cristina articleclosedAccess
2015Plastic Response of Tracheids in Pinus pinaster in a Water-Limited Environment: Adjusting Lumen Size instead of Wall ThicknessCarvalho, Ana ; Nabais, Cristina ; Vieira, Joana ; Rossi, Sergio ; Campelo, Filipe articleopenAccess
2017Rain exclusion affects cambial activity in adult maritime pinesVieira, Joana ; Nabais, Cristina ; Rossi, Sergio ; Carvalho, Ana ; Freitas, Helena ; Campelo, Filipe articleembargoedAccess
Sep-2019Seasonal adjustment of primary and secondary growth in maritime pine under simulated climatic changesVieira, Joana ; Moura, Mikael Alvites ; Nabais, Cristina ; Freitas, Helena ; Campelo, Filipe articleembargoedAccess
2013Seasonal and daily cycles of stem radial variation of Pinus pinaster in a drought-prone environmentVieira, Joana ; Rossi, Sergio ; Campelo, Filipe ; Freitas, Helena ; Nabais, Cristina articleembargoedAccess
2016Structure and Function of Intra–Annual Density Fluctuations: Mind the GapsBattipaglia, Giovanna ; Campelo, Filipe ; Vieira, Joana ; Grabner, Michael ; De Micco, Veronica ; Nabais, Cristina ; Cherubini, Paolo ; Carrer, Marco ; Bräuning, Achim ; Čufar, Katarina ; Di Filippo, Alfredo ; García-González, Ignacio ; Koprowski, Marcin ; Klisz, Marcin ; Kirdyanov, Alexander V. ; Zafirov, Nikolay ; de Luis, Martin articleopenAccess
2016tracheideR—An R package to standardize tracheidogramsCampelo, Filipe ; Nabais, Cristina ; Carvalho, Ana ; Vieira, Joana articleembargoedAccess