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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12015Precipitated calcium carbonate modified by the layer-by-layer deposition method - its potential as papermaking fillerLourenço, A. F. ; Gamelas, J. A. F. ; Ferreira, P. J. articleopenAccess
215-Jun-2010Modelling PCC flocculation by bridging mechanism using population balances : Effect of polymer characteristics on flocculationAntunes, E. ; Garcia, F. A. P. ; Ferreira, P. articleopenAccess
3Jul-2011Solution viscosity and flocculation characteristics of linear polymeric flocculants in various mediaChimamkpam, T.O. ; Rasteiro, M. G. ; Garcia, F. A. P. ; Antunes, E. ; Ferreira, P. ; Hunkeler, D. ; Wandrey, C. articleopenAccess
42014Paper making behaviour of a modified filler obtained by layer-by-layer techniqueLourenço, A. F. ; Gamelas, J. A. F. ; Ferreira, P. J. conferenceObjectopenAccess
52-Feb-2019Carboxymethylated cellulose nanofibrils in papermaking: influence on filler retention and paper propertiesLourenço, Ana F. ; Godinho, Diana ; Gamelas, José A. F. ; Sarmento, Pedro ; Ferreira, Paulo J. T. articleembargoedAccess
630-Jun-2016Papermaking trials in a pilot paper machine with a new silica coated PCC fillerFerreira, Paulo J. ; Lourenço, Ana F. ; Simões, Rogério S. ; Costa, Ana P. ; Gamelas, José A. F. articleopenAccess
72014Modification of precipitated calcium carbonate with cellulose esters and use as filler in papermakingGamelas, José A. F. ; Lourenço, Ana F. ; Xavier, Marco ; Ferreira, Paulo J. articleclosedAccess
817-Nov-2016Influence of TEMPO-oxidised cellulose nanofibrils on the properties of filler-containing papersLourenço, Ana F. ; Gamelas, José A. F. ; Nunes, Tiago ; Amaral, José ; Mutjé, Pere ; Ferreira, Paulo J. articleopenAccess
915-Nov-2019Enzymatic nanocellulose in papermaking – The key role as filler flocculant and strengthening agentLourenço, Ana F. ; Gamelas, José A. F. ; Sarmento, Pedro; Ferreira, Paulo Jorge Tavares articleopenAccess
1015-Aug-2023Impact of bacterial cellulose on the physical properties and printing quality of fine papersLourenço, Ana F. ; Martins, Daniela; Dourado, Fernando; Sarmento, Pedro; Ferreira, Paulo J. ; Gamelas, José A. F.articleopenAccess