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Title: Evaluation of host-guest complex formation between a benzimidazolic derivative and cyclodextrins by UV-VIS spectrophotometry and differential scanning calorimetry
Authors: Figueiras, Ana 
Ribeiro, Laura 
Torres-Labandeira, J. 
Veiga, Francisco J. 
Issue Date: 2007
Citation: Journal of Inclusion Phenomena and Macrocyclic Chemistry. 57:1 (2007) 531-535
Abstract: Abstract Interactions between a benzimidazolic derivative, omeprazole (OME), beta-cyclodextrin (ßCD) and a chemically modified ßCD, methyl-beta-cyclodextrin (MßCD) were investigated in aqueous solution by UV-VIS spectroscopy and in solid state by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC). Phase solubility studies were used to evaluate the complexation in aqueous solution. The two solubility diagrams obtained were AL type, indicating the formation of a drug-cyclodextrin complex with 1:1 stoichiometry. The complex of OME with MßCD showed a higher stability constant (K S) than those with ßCD. Some evidences of inclusion complexation in solid state were obtained from DSC. Only in thermal curves of OME-ßCD lyophilized product and in OME-MßCD spray-dried and lyophilized systems the melting point of the drug disappeared completely suggesting the possible formation of an inclusion complex.
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