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Title: Ultrastructural study of the relationship between generative and vegetative cells inMagnolia ×soulangeana Soul.-Bod. pollen grains
Authors: Dinis, A. M. 
Mesquita, J. F. 
Issue Date: 1999
Citation: Protoplasma. 206:1 (1999) 87-96
Abstract: Summary InMagnolia ×soulangeana pollen grains the generative cell (GC) does not become totally free within the vegetative cell (VC), at least until the pollen tube emergence. Due to a deviation in its detachment process from the sporoderm, the opposing ends of the VC plasmalemma do not fuse themselves when the GC moves away from the intine. Consequently, the interplasmalemmic space surrounding the GC does not become isolated but rather maintains continuity with the sporoderm through a complex formation that we have called plasmalemmic cord. The real existence of this formation was confirmed through serial sectioning showing the plasmalemmic cord to consist of the VC plasmalemma. In its initial portion it is occupied by a reasonably accentuated wall ingrowth of the inner layer of the intine (intine 3). In the remainder portion, neither of the cytochemical tests used in this work have revealed the presence of a significant amount of wall material. However, ultrathin sections of samples processed either chemically or by cryofixation showed the existence of an intricate system of tubules and vesicles, some of which are evaginations of the VC plasmalemma. The hypothesis that the plasmalemmic cord may have a role in the complex interactions between the two pollen cells is discussed.
DOI: 10.1007/BF01279255
Rights: openAccess
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