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Title: A Model for the Growth of Opportunistic Macroalgae (Enteromorpha sp.) in Tidal Estuaries
Authors: Martins, I. 
Marques, J. C. 
Keywords: Enteromorpha growth, model, validation, tidal, light extinction coefficient
Issue Date: 2002
Citation: Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science. 55:2 (2002) 247-257
Abstract: The aim of this work was to develop a model capable of simulating the gross and the net growth ofEnteromorpha sp. in tidal estuaries. The model was developed for the Mondego Estuary (Western Portugal) taking into account the key factors that control green macroalgae in the area. Enteromorpha gross growth was defined as a function of light, temperature, salinity and internal nutrients (N and P). Net growth was defined as gross growth minus respiration. The model was calibrated using a set of experimental data obtained in the laboratory under semi-controlled conditions. Sub-models of tidal height and light extinction coefficient variation were included for predicting macroalgal growth in the field, which constituted the model validation. According to the results, model predictions are well within the observed results, both in the laboratory and in the field. The largest discrepancies between predicted and observed values in the field refer to winter months and July. Possibly at these periods of the year, the prevailing external conditions (very low salinity in winter and high temperature and PFD in July) induced some physiological responses by Enteromorpha, which were not described by the model (e.g. sporulation, desiccation).
DOI: 10.1006/ecss.2001.0900
Rights: openAccess
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