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Title: Elimination of glucose contamination from adipocyte glycogen extracts
Authors: Nunes, Patricia M. 
Carvalho, Eugénia 
Jones, John G. 
Keywords: Adipocyte; Glycogen extraction; Glucose oxidase; Amyloglucosidase
Issue Date: 2008
Citation: Carbohydrate Research. 343:9 (2008) 1486-1489
Abstract: Glycogen was quantified in rat adipocytes by isolation using conventional KOH digestion and ethanol precipitation, followed by hydrolysis and spectrophotometric assay of the glucose product. A concentration of 0.193 ± 0.020 [mu]mol glucosyl units/106 cells was recorded. When this procedure was modified by including a 4 h incubation with glucose oxidase prior to glycogen hydrolysis, the glycogen concentration was found to be 0.055 ± 0.008 [mu]mol glucosyl units/106 cells. Therefore in adipocytes, conventional glycogen assays give substantial overestimates due to incomplete removal of glucose during glycogen isolation. Contaminant glucose can be scavenged in a simple manner by incubation with glucose oxidase prior to glycogen hydrolysis.
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